What Our Customers Say

We love our customers! Please do keep in mind, some of the reviews below were from our delivery service which is no longer in operation. Our products can still be purchased directly from the farm 🙂

I used to wonder why I could never make my mashed potatoes as good as my grandmas. It turns out she had better ingredients then me. Even though I may not ever make a Yorkshire pudding or those comforting pies, when I have these tasty vegetables and quality meat on my plate I know Grandma is pleased. Thanks to Happy Pig Organic Farm. However, Happy Pig Organic Farm brings more then yummy produce and quality meat to town. They bring knowledge of their product and suppliers. They bring along better awareness of how food is produced and how it should taste. They bring our community together and most importantly they bring family together at the table which most definitely pleases Grandma.

Dianna Caputo, Prince Rupert

Happy Pig Organic Farm’s Food Bag Service is the coolest way to get good food.  I love that the bag can be customized and that it’s delivered.  Great service, great food, great price.

Tony McKilligan, Houston

We have recently started getting our fruit, veg and some meat and we are in love. Moving from Ontario a couple years ago where we had our own huge garden, we have missed the fresh produce. Having the opportunity to have fresh produce on a weekly bases sure makes Prince Rupert feel a bit more like home. Thanks so much.

Amy S, Prince Rupert

Quality, quality, quality…that is what this happy customer gets every week from Happy Pig Farm! We visited the farm after getting our first bag and were really pleased to see how the animals were being raised. We have had 2 of the chickens so far and Love the flavor and the fact that we get 4-5 meals from 1 chicken..wow!!!Keep up the good work and Thank you for bringing us quality locally sourced food for our table!

Terry and Brent Luck, Prince Rupert

We had the roast ham…wow…was that good. Galen was drooling while it baked. Fantastic….

K Brook, Telkwa, BC

They’re the best eggs. They look perfect and taste even better!

L Robertson, Smithers, BC

I was delighted to find free range organic pork in northern BC. If you’ve never had meat from a happy pig, you’ll be delightfully surprised at the incredible quality. I’m a big fan of Berkshire pork. I like to think of it as the original pork before pigs were industrially bred to maximize growth rates and size. I don’t bother dousing the pork with too many sauces or flavours, its great on its own with a little salt and pepper. Not to mention the benefits of supporting folks who care for and love their animals.

M Gorzelak, Kelowna, BC

Hey Marlene, well…..YUM! The bacon was amazing, the smoke did not overpower the flavour of the meat, and we enjoyed the thick cut too.

The chops were very good too, we liked the shoulder end ones that had lots of flavour while not being too tough with all the connective tissue, and the shoulder ham was delicious, especially with the bone left in and the skin being left on which turns into “crackling” in the oven, an old childhood fave!Sausages were popular too, well mixed (no large pieces of fat, so common in most store bought ones), good solid texture and sufficiently air dried.We have not tried the jowls yet but a slow braise and a brief crisping up time in the oven is planned for them!

Its good to eat pork that actually has some fat (and hence flavour), it seems that store bought pork is so lean and bland that it is becoming a “white” meat, i believe pork is a “dark” meat!

P Bradley, Prince Rupert, BC

For great tasting pork and the highest standards of animal husbandry I believe the Happy Pig Organic Farm represents everything a local producer should be. They get my order every time.

Mark West, Smithers, BC

We are extremely happy with the products we get from Happy Pig. Our boys just gobble up the bacon and ribs especially! They are so excited whenever we serve it — you wouldn’t believe the rejoicing in our household! We clearly can taste the difference in the quality of her meats, and we feel a great connection to Marlene’s values in raising her animals. It is important to us to support a local farmer with a determined and humane conscience, and a cheerful, positive approach, for our own health, for the land’s health and to keep our local economy and food security strong. Incredible combination of tastiness and integrity!

Perry Rath and Taisa Jenne Smithers, BC

I had one of your turkeys at Thanksgiving. I just put in in the oven – no stuffing, no seasonings. The comments I had back included more than one of “That was the best tasting turkey ever!” and I had one guest who doesn’t eat store meat and was relieved to know she could eat the turkey and feel good about it. Last night I cooked one of those hams — and my partner spent quite a bit of time saying “mmmm, damn that’s good”. Congratulations on the fabulous work you do, to raise high quality, good tasting food for us!

Gladys Atrill Smithers, BC

Stop it! How am I supposed to be a vegetarian?! Even my mother-in-law likes Happy Pig sausages!

Derrick Willmott Smithers, BC

We have been eating Happy Pig’s organic, free range pork & chicken for 3 years now, and have recommended it, both smoked/cured and fresh, to many. Marlene’s bacon is a breakfast staple, and the uncured, fresh belly/side pork we’ve requested for our own roast & braising endeavours is always beautifully flavourful. Marlene has been great at filling odd and large orders, and the pork and chicken have always been superb. It has been exciting watching Marlene’s product line expand (mmmm… sausage rolls), and the addition of some specialty items like the cheek bacon (also known as guanciale) has our foodie friends in Vancouver drooling enviously.

Sarah Westwood, Smithers, BC

We’re SO fortunate to be able to enjoy Happy Pig’s incredible food! Local, ethical family farming right here in our community. Ridiculously yummy!

Erin Hart Smithers, BC

Just wanted to thank you for the best thanksgiving turkey we have ever tasted. After a few hours on the charcoal BBQ, our family along with 10 friends never tasted a better bird. Happy thanksgiving.

Troy Souter, Smithers, BC

Your Pork brings back so many memories of when we raised our own like this 40-50 years ago. You do such a wonderful job of bringing a wholesome, healthy and just excellent tasting product to those of us that crave the way food was raised in the 40s, 50s and 60s, that dedication by you and yours is very deserving of the highest recognition and praise.

Don & Irene Ritchey, Terrace, BC